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Leasing Service

Leasing makes good business sense. Future Financial Center allows you to take full advantage of everything leasing has to offer your company.


Most lease applications orders can be handled via Fax. You never have to leave your office.

Reduced Risk of Obsolescence

Leasing allows you to upgrade or replace as your business grows and your equipment needs change.

The Ability to Conserve Working Capital

Lease payments are considered a business expense, taken from pre-tax income instead of your after-tax profits. Working capital can then be applied to other areas that will generate more profit.

An Additional Source of Credit

Leasing covers your acquisitions with a low down payment while leaving your bank and other credit lines open for other uses. In fact, leasing can improve your balance sheet by reducing long-term debt!

Fixed Cost

Lease payments are fixed monthly rate for the life of your contract. Budgeting is easier, and you have a valuable hedge against inflation. By establishing the amount of the lease payments now, you are actually making use of tomorrow’s less valuable dollars.

Tax Benefits

Lease payments are 100% deductible as an operating expense. Because lease terms usually are less than the useful life of the equipment, a lessee may be able to amortize the cost of furniture faster through tax-deductible rentals than through depreciation.


A lease can be structured to meet your company’s specific needs financially and operationally. Future Financial Center offers a full range of leasing services. Rates are based on:

Cost and type of furniture (minimum $2000) Term of the lease Credit risk (time in business) Must have a quote from sales to process application Download Lease application (JPG.) right click to save.